Roey Biran Designer + Developer

Let’s Ski!

The project originated as a school assignment in a creative coding class, where the objective was to present big data in an enticing way, using Processing specifically.

When I found this data set from Kaggle, I immediately knew this is the resource I’d like to utilize, being a ski lovers. I proceeded to build a website that would allow visitors to view the 5 top ranking resorts in a given region.

Firstly, I converted the CSV data set to JSON. Then, I wrote a script to parse the data into a list of resorts, sorted geographically and ranked by a custom algorithm.

Finally, I chose to express the data in a visually pure way. A given resort’s qualities are highlighted by mere geometry — for example, a destination with greater average difficulty will appear sharper. Beyond that, I used colors and shapes that to me, are evocative of the atmosphere in ski resorts.

Let’s Ski!