Roey Biran Designer + Developer

Great Danes

For my graduation assignment, I revisited a similarly-named project from my 2nd year in school. It was a comprehensive catalog of mid-century design masterpieces from Denmark and their creators. I wanted to expand on that work with a digital companion in the form of a website.

Choosing the web as a platform, I could present the knowledge I had gathered in that book in an immersive, highly visual way. As a bonus, I simultaneously exercised a few of my passions — Scandinavian industrial design, web design, development, and typography.

The website is structured hierarchically: each designer receives a page containing their biographies and list of works. Each work then receives its own page as well. Additionally, select designs feature an interactive, annotated 3D model, plus videos and pictures from the product‘s manufacturing process.

Other sections in the website include:

  • Introduction.
  • Visual timeline.
  • Grid of all designs.
  • Live search.
  • A dedicated area to the craftsmanship behind those classic designs.

Visually, I tried to design the website in the vein of mid-century modern graphic design (roughly the period when Danish modern flourished), with its well–defined grid, limited color palette, and the interplay between sans–serif and serif typefaces.

Great Danes